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Judgment Recovery Specialist

What Is Mobile Tax Service?

Have you been awarded a judgment and have not yet collected on it? Approximately 80% of judgment rewards are not satisfied, meaning only 20% of debtors actually collect on their rewards. The easy part is getting the award!

We accomplish this goal by relentless efforts in the enforcement of your judgment. We use the latest industry resources, credit reports & skip tracing tools to help in the success of recovering your money! We follow all rules and regulations within the limits of all State and Federal Laws that governs the Collection industry.

Our Process

once we locate non-exempt assets, such as Real Property, Personal Property, and Bank Accounts.

  • We sometimes negotiate a payment plan
  • We levy bank accounts.
  • We motion the courts to order constable to seize and sale non-exempt real property and personal property.

Once we received the proceeds from the recovery of assets in our office, which may take between 30-90 days after the process is completed. We disburse your percentage listed in the Assignment of Agreement or Purchase Agreement within 10 business days. We also file a Release of Judgment with courts to release the debtor(s) from any further actions are obligations regarding the assigned judgment.

Why you should choose Major Paperwork, LLC II?

We are highly qualified and collected over $200,00 in judgments within a 12-month period. We have a 65% collection rate!

Our company is bonded and registered with the State Secretary of Texas please click for verification.

We built our team on honesty, integrity and respect. We work relentlessly in efforts to collect on your behalf

If you need us to collect on a judgment feel free to contact our team of experts, are you can click on the *collect button and fill out the application

Judgment Application

Judgment Information

Case number:

Amount of judgment:

Amount collected to date:

Date judgment was issued:

State in which judgment was issued:

County in which judgment was issued:

Were you represented by an attorney?:

Was your judgment awarded by default:

Does judgment debtor (defendant) now reside in a different state?:

Name of judgment debtor:

Last known street address of judgment debtor:

Last known city, state, & zip of judgment debtor:

Personal Information

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  • How much do you charge for services?

    We don’t charge anything upfront, we will bear all expenses involves in the enforcement and recovery of your judgment. You will receive a substantial percentage of the total amount of the assets found and seized.

  • What if you can’t find any assets belonging to the debtor?

    If there is no assets available we can attempt to contact the debtor and negotiate a monthly payment. If that doesn’t work we will check on the debtor again after a few months or so and determine if the situation has improved.

  • How does this work?

    We will send you a form to sign, called an Acknowledgment of Assignment, which will allow us to collect the judgment on your behalf. This form will be filed in the case file at the courthouse. Then we will locate the debtor and their assets and initiate the levying procedures necessary to seize those assets. When we receive funds from the collection process, we will issue a check to you, less my commission and fees incurred.

  • Do you guarantee to collect my judgment?

    No, but we promise to try hard and to use every means available. Some debtors truly have no assets and have no income that can be seized. If nothing can be collected, we lose our legal expenses and the time and effort expended trying to collect. Your risk nothing.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us

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